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Commenced in the year 1999, we, Janaseva Sisubhavan has initiated in this arena to eradicate the problem pertaining to child exploitation. Our sole vision is to eradicate child exploitation from the society and there by CREATE AN INDIA WITHOUT STREET CHILDREN.
Child exploitation is one of the biggest problems of the planet. It is increasing constantly. The worst part is that they must defend their life every day to face up the violence of all forms physical, verbal or psychological. The street children include those who live on the streets of a city.

Mr. José Maveli, the Founder and the Chairman of Janaseva Sisubhavan, sole vision is to offer a stable home or shelter for the street children. Children of the street lack emotional and psychological support of a family, and it's our responsibility to give them a house. Janaseva Sisubhavan raises street children's voices, promotes their rights and improves their lives. We are living adequate for the child's physical, mental, spiritual, moral and social development. The hidden and isolated nature of street children makes it difficult to gather the exact figure. Our team is working hard to make their life better......


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Our Mission is to find out destitute children abducted by the begger mafia, bring them to our shelter and provide them a meaningful life full of love and affection. These unscrupulous people resort to inhuman acts like...

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