Janaseva Sisubhavan

Every day and night lakhs of children in our country are forced to live in the streets, denied of their fundamental right to the basic human necessities such as food, shelter and education, and subjected to physical abuse as well as forced to do begging, pick pocketing, street circus, hard work and other forms of exploitation. The streets of India still reverberate the cries of human rights violations. Even decades after we attained independence, the poor becomes poorer.It is with a view to put an end to this social evil that “Janaseva Sisubhavan” was started as a popular movement, with Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer as its chief PATRON.


Awards & Recognition

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Mother Teresa Award 2003

# Mother Teresa Award was presented to Mr.Jose Mavely by Socialist Samskara Kendra for outstanding performance in his chosen field of works.



Our Mission is to find out destitute children abducted by the begger mafia, bring them to our shelter and provide them a meaningful life full of love and affection. These unscrupulous people resort to inhuman acts like dismembering them, creating burns, piercing their eyes and such ghastly acts, they think, would render the children suitable for begging. The poor kids suffer ruthless punishments even for sight decrease in their daily collections. To give these children back there basic human rights a Child Begging Eradication Committee was constituted.


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